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Pages River Warriors

Contact: Robyn Orman 0419 705 753

Working bees: 1st and 3rd Sunday each mont


Next working bee will be Sunday 5th February and 19th February meet behind the Visitor Information Centre

 If you have some spare time and energy please come and help us with our project of cleaning up the Page's River and eradicating weeds and replacing them with natives and riparian plants.

Page's River Warriors are a samll group but would love to be bigger and with your help we can make it.

We are very proud to say that after much deliberation we have finally had a new map erected at paradise Park for the 'Eye of the Needle and Cliff Top Walk. Sandy and Mandy Archibald have been very busy clearing the walk to make it easier for people to track to the top. The Men's shed have been very good in providing the cover for our map and making the arrows for the walking trail. We thank them very much for the great work.


Recently appointed Landcare Coordinator for Muswellbrook and Upper Hunter Shires, Nicholas Alexander, was guest presenter at the Murrurundi Community Leader's Forum on Monday 8 August.
Nicholas explained his role and led a discussion about the Good Governance Checklist for incorporated associations. The checklist is one of many resources available on the NSW Landcare Gateway.
Anyone wanting further information can contact Council's Community Services staff on 6540 1356.

Photo: Sandy Archibald, Carolyn Farrow, Mandy Archibald, Robyn Orman, Nicholas Alexander, Rodney Swansborough.


Next working bee will be Sunday 21stAugust behind the CTC near Bush's Bridge.

If you have some spare time and feeling energetic we would love to have some help with our projects. We have received a couple of grants which is fantastic now we need on ground workers to help us complete our work.

We would like to welcome a new member, Judy Hynes who came along to last Sunday's working bee. Thanks Judy every little bit helps.


Page's River Warriors planted a tree in memory of Barbara Cay Smith in honour of the hard work and committment to our Page's River project. 

Barbara will be missed very much from our working bees but her work and dedication will never be forgotten. Barbara loved working down by the Page's River with us and we have achieved a great deal of weed eradication and lots of replanting of our local species. So we would very much like to have new volunteers to help us keep this project going.


 Barbara's mother Ethel Haydon helped us plant a tree in memory of Barbara. We will have a sandstone block with tribute in place soon and will post photo when available. 




New metal flora banners at Wilson memorial Oval

A wonderful day was had at the unveiling of new banners at Wilson memorial Oval on Sunday 21st June 2015.

The new banners were sponsored by Hunter Regional Land Care Service & Community Mutual.

Another one sponsored by Hunter Local Land Serve and the third one was sponsored by Turning the Page's.

Deputy Mayor Cr. Maurice Collison did the honours of unveiling of the new banners and we had about 30 people turn up for the event. Cr Collison along with the help of Steve Eccles (LLS) planted a native tree on the day to commemorate the event.

Lion's Club provided a lovely BBQ lunch after the unveiling on their new BBQ facilities in Wilson Memorial Oval.



New banners at Wilson Oval

 Fran Wachtel Artist with Jen Castles (HRLLS) & Robyn Orman (Page's River Warriors)



Cr Collison planted a grevillea with help from Steve Eccles (LLS) to help commemorate the day.


Next venture for the Page's River Warriors is to make improvements at Paradise Park.

Thursday 8th January a few of us went up to Paradise Park to identify plants growing at Paradise Park and on the track up to the 'Eye of the Needle'. Paul Melahan from Local Land Services helped us to identify species growing there. It is our intention to put new signage with map of 'Eye of the needle' walk at Paradise Park. Also we would like to be able to raise funds to put in a gas BBQ sometime down the track. Any suggestions?

It is a beautiful spot and if any locals have not been up there for a while or at all I strongly suggest you go along.

A very good walking track



Rock formation at the top of 'Eye of the needle'






2014-2015 Tidy Towns Awards weekend November 7-9

Another great weekend was celebrated at Nundle who hosted the Tidy Towns awards for this year and what a great job they did.

Murrurundi were well represented this year with Nundle being so close.

Thank you to community memebrs who came along to the awards ceremonies and joined in the fun.

WE had Jenny Loasby, Des Dugan, Carolyn Farrow, Lynne Mahony, Janene Nolan, Robyn Orman, Rodney Swansborough and Gilly Patterson go to Nundle.

Also Jake Speck came long with his family and was well rewarded with a Highly Commended Wards for Young Legends.

We also received a Highly Commended for Southern Entrance to Town (Litter Reduction Award)



Murrurundi Landcare (Page's River Warriors) Working bees for November


Our next working bee wil be on Sunday 2nd November at Wilson Oval at 8am to 10am Note earlier start due to hot weather.

Next working bee after that will be 8am Sunday 16th November 2014.

We still need helpers as many hands make light work and we can achieve our goal a lot quicker if we have more help.

We would very much like more men to come on board as we only we one man helping us and he is wonderful by the way, we would be lost without his manpower.

We are lamost at the completion stage of this area but will be moving across the other side between Bush's Bridge and The Swinging Bridge where there is a lot of work ahead for us to conquer so please come and join in our journey. As I have said before I aim down the track once we have all cleared to develop a River walking/bike trail along the Page's River.

 We need your support.





Murrurundi is a 2014 Tidy Towns Finalist


Murrurundi has been announced as a finalist in one or more categories of this year’s 2014 Tidy Towns – Sustainable Communities Awards.


Tidy Towns is the longest running of all Keep Australia Beautiful NSW’s programs and is now in its 34th year. The program recognises the efforts of communities who protect, preserve and enhance local environments across regional NSW.


This year 43 towns across New South Wales entered the program, with a total of 174 submissions across 11 categories, which range from the Overall Tidy Town Award, Environmental Education Award, Litter Reduction Award, and more.


 “Tidy Towns continues to provide communities across NSW with the opportunity to celebrate what makes their towns great, as well as their commitment to improving their towns,” said Lyndall Holstein, Tidy Towns Program Manager.


“As in years gone by, every entrant in this year’s program should be congratulated for the commitment they show to their communities.”


Last year’s NSW Overall Tidy Town, Nundle, will host the 2014 awards weekend from November 7 – 9. The weekend is a powerful networking opportunity for community and environmental groups, as well as local councils and community members. There will be tours and guided demonstrations and experiences, ensuring that all of NSW can appreciate the uniqueness and innovation of one of our state’s most beautiful hidden gems.


“I would strongly encourage everyone to come along to Nundle,” Holstein said.


“We have a great range of activities planned to showcase just why Nundle took out the coveted title last year.”


The Murrurundi community at large is welcome to attend the awards weekend in Nundle. More information and tickets are available via




Page’s River Warriors:                              

Hunter Region Landcare Services                               

Meeting 25th October 9.30am to 12.30pm                    

Morning Tea and light luncheon                                             

CTC Murrurundi 113 Mayne Street Murrurundi.                

Hunter Region Landcare group are planning to have their monthly meeting at Murrurundi to discuss what is happening in the Hunter Region and how they can help local Landcare groups with their projects.


The Page’s River Warriors are hosting the October meeting and would like to invite anyone who is interested in our local projects to come along and join us.


After the meeting the group have offered to help up with planting trees or weeding and mulching.


We have almost completed the River work in Wilson Memorial Oval and plan to move to the other side of the river between the bridges where we have a lot of work to do eradicating weeds and re-planting new vegetation.


Our long term plan when we have done with clean up is to develop a walking/bike trail between the bridges with signage of our local flora and fauna.


If you would like to know more about our group or if you are interested in joining our local Landcare Group please ring Robyn Orman on 0419 705 753.                               

Pages River Warriors:

Once again we had a busy working bee on Sunday 4th August 2014 at the page's River in Wilson Oval.

We are almost to the end of this project of cleaning up and re-planting but will continue to monitor weeds and water new trees for a long time to come. This will be an ongoing project for many years and we hope to get more community members involved in our projects in the future.

we have a long term plan to create a river walk from bridge to bridge but that will take a lot of weed eradication, planting etc. so if you have some spare time and would like to help come along to our working bees 1st and 3rd Sunday each month.

Further information call Robyn Orman 0419 705 753.

Tara Vaughan is our Tidy Towns Assessor this year and came yesterday to assess our projects. We had a lovely day with Tara and as she comes from the city seemed very impressed with our country town.



Murrurundi Landcare & Tidy Towns Committee are planning to celebrate Landcare 25th Anniversary with a 'Weed, Plant & Eat' day on 20th July at Wilson Oval.

We have about 100 trees to plant along the river bank in Wilson Memorial Oval along the river bank from 9 am to 12 noon Sunday 20th July so please come along and give us a hand to plant these trees.



Winter is upon us:

Winter has arrived and the frost is starting to appear but that won't deter the Page's River Warriors, we are determined to get this project completed with a lot more planting to do.

We still need to eradicate more weeds yet and we hope to have at least 100 more tubestock to plant on our next working bee which will be

Sunday 6th July

Sunday 20th July

9am to 11am

Wilson Memorial Oval along the river bank.

You are more than welcome to come along and join us. 


Another workshop is planned for Sunday 15th June:

Murrurundi Landcare/Tidy Towns committee

Page’s River Warriors river project


Sunday 15th June

9am to 11am

Wilson Memorial Oval

Along the river bank


Paul Melehan will be doing an informal workshop on plant identification during our working bee.

All welcome to come along and join in our working bee and identification workshop.

There are a lot of areas in Murrurundi which we plan in the future to be working on to improve the new growth of vegetation relevant to our area. 

We also will be having working bees on 1st and 3rd Sunday every month along the river bank, planting, weeding, mowing and generally keeping this area in order especially to  attract new natural inhabitants in this area and to attract visitors to enjoy this spot in Murrurundi. So please feel free to come along and give us a hand 9am to 11am. Many hands make light work and don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves and tools.




Pages River Warriors:

Workshop planned for 18th May

Come along and join in the fun



Murrurundi Landcare/Tidy Towns committee


Page’s River Warriors river project




Sunday 18th May


9am to 11am


Wilson Memorial Oval


Along the river bank


We have Linda Poser our local nursery lady and 2 new members who are horticulturists and have just moved to Murrurundi from Sydney after retirement are coming along to do a workshop on weed identification and replenishing plants along the river bank.                We also have a weeds eradication speaker from council to explain what are weeds and what are to be kept as some things may look like a weed but are not.


All welcome to come along and join in our working bee and listen to our speakers.


There are a lot of areas in Murrurundi which we plan in the future to be working on to improve the new growth of vegetation relevant to our area.




We also will be having working bees on 1st and 3rd Sunday every month along the river bank, planting, weeding, mowing and generally keeping this area in order especially to  attract new natural inhabitants in this area and to attract visitors to enjoy this spot in              Murrurundi. So please feel free to come along and give us a hand 9am to 11am. Many hands make light work and don’t forget to bring a hat, gloves and tools.







Photos from working bee 18th May where we have started to plant new trees.





Our next working bee will be Sunday  1st June.



Photos from last working bee Sunday 27th May

A big thank you to our busy Page's River Warriors   


So please don your Hat, bring protective gloves and wear sensible works boots and clothes.

Also if you have any tools like secateurs etc. please bring along.

Hope to see you there!!

If you can't make this one we will be having a working bee First and third Sunday each month.



Working bee 2nd February, thanks to all our workers.




Tidy Towns Awards weekend at Armidale

1st to 3rd November 2013


What a great weekend again for the Tidy Towns awards for 2014.

Murrurundi had a couple of extra people attending this year which was wonderful.

Robyn Orman, Janene Nolan, Carolyn Farrow, Lynne Mahony representing Murrurundi Heather Ranclaud and Lee Watts representing Upper Hunter Shire Council and a wonderful weekend was had by all.

Our results were:


· Murrurundi 2nd place Overall Tidy Towns Population Category B

· Murrurundi Highly Commended Category: Environment and Heritage Wildlife Corridors & Habitat Conservation Award for Pages River Nature Walk.

· Murrurundi Highly Commended: Waste Management & Litter Reduction Award for litter reduction southern entrance to town.

















Pages River Warriors:

Sunday 10th November 2013

Another great working bee with new members coming on board to help

Our next working bee will be Sunday 1st December at 8am due to hot weather coming in so we are not working in the heat of the day..

New members: Anne Fereti, Jenny Loasby and Cheryl Pinkerton joined forces with Sandy Archibald, Lynne Mahony & Robyn Orman to help clean up along the Page's River at Wilson Memorial Oval.

We are making great progress slowly getting the rubbish cleaned away.

We are also getting great help from the Hunter Catchment Managemnet Authority.

More photos of our progress and Thanks to new members.









Sunday 6th September 2013

We had our second working bee which was very successful in proceeding along the banks of Page River beside Wiilson Oval. We had 5 members turn up with their trusty gear ready to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into the clean-up, great work guys. Slowly we will get there, we also received another grant, this time from the CMA for around $7,000 to help with clean up and re-vegetation along the river bank.

Our next working bee will be on Sunday 10th November at 10am, please come and join us. The more help we get the quicker we can claim back our river bank. 

"Some before shots and Photo of diligent workers by The Page River."








A great job thanks to 'Page's River Warriors"


Wednesday 14th August 2013

Joel Fitzgibbons came to CTC Murrurundi today to congratulate the "Page's River warriors" on being selected to receive a small tools grant from the govenment.

We received $1200 towards buying tools to help us clean up the Page's River, we will be starting from the river bank along side Wilson Memorial Oval. 

We had our first working bee on 1st September and were very please with the outcome for our kick off day.Photo a few keen workers who turned up for our working bee, great job guys.






If you would like to help us with this worthwile project come and join us along the river bank of 1st Sunday every month. Next working bee will be Sunday 6th October 10am Wilson Memorial Oval besdie river bank.

Ring Robyn Orman 02 6546 6440 or Heather Ranclaud on 02 6540 1356

'Page's River Warriors'



Murrurundi ready for Tidy Towns Assessor:


Tidy Towns Assessor started the day at the CTC Murrurundi


Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th August our town was being assessed for our Tidy Towns entries.


Bernard Johnston who is new to Tidy Towns assesment along with Mike Dodkin who has been asessing for about seventeen years came along to CTC Murrurundi and enjoyed morning tea before venturing out and about to review our entries for 2014.


Gilly Patterson and Mandy Archibald showcased Murrurundi for our assessors and did a wonderful job. Sandy Archibald also helped Gilly on the second day.


Rodney Swansborough also did a wonderful job of explaining our new website to the assessors, they were suitably impressed.












Upper Hunter on show for Tidy Towns assessors

Keep Australia Beautiful Tidy Towns assessors will be visiting the Upper Hunter next week.


Ms Fran Cormer will be assessing projects in Aberdeen and Merriwa on Monday 5 August, and Mr Bernard Johnston will be assessing projects in Murrurundi, Blandford, Moonan Flat, and Wingen.


Upper Hunter towns have done well in the Tidy Towns competition in the past.


Last year Murrurundi was the winner in the Waste Management and Litter Reduction category for Adopt a Spot and also winner for Overall Town category B population 351 to 1200.


Wingen was Highly Commended in the New Town category in 2012, Merriwa Railway Restoration Project received a Highly Commended in the Cultural Heritage Category and other community projects in Murrurundi and Aberdeen were chosen as finalists.


Murrurundi Landcare Tidy Towns Committee recently received funds from Keep Australia Beautiful and the NSW EPA to help “keep it nice” at the entrance to Murrurundi.


Committee chairperson Mrs Robyn Orman, said the Murrurundi Landcare Tidy Towns Committee was delighted at the grants.


“We will receive $5,100, which means we can install bins and signage at the eastern entrance to town, to encourage travellers and truck drivers on the New England Highway to ‘do the right thing’ in Murrurundi.”


The Murrurundi committee has also earned a Volunteer Equipment Grant to purchase hand tools for work on the Pages River, removing weeds and planting and watering native species as part of the Pages River Nature Walk.


Upper Hunter Shire Council Mayor Michael Johnsen, congratulated the Committee.“This Committee already has runs on the board with outstanding results in the Tidy Towns Sustainable Communities program over the past five years” said Mayor Johnsen.


“Council is pleased to support the efforts of volunteer organisations.  These projects are further examples of the community demonstrating pride of place in the Upper Hunter Shire.”


Children's Play Area & Picnic  Area
Wilson Memorial Oval - Murrurundi 
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Paradise Park - 360 Panoramic View
Paradise Lane -  Murrurundi NSW
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